Saturday, January 24, 2009

Who's That Girl?

Dug this out at the request of a new friend.....

Beneath a honeysuckle blanket
Whitewash calls fingertips
Invoking dewdrop shivers
And trembles to my lips

No looking back any longer
My pinfeather kindred await
Never again to whisper
Beyond this mortal gate

Bottoms-up from trees
Swinging spider, a skinned knee
Suckling berries, sips from streams
In the Queendom of Dance Free!

Purple petal coverlets
Lay me down in cloud grass
The arabesque of angels
Atop ponds of stained glass

Jete in moonlit waves
Fae limbs upon white sands
Shrieks and songs of laughter
On shores of unknown lands

And if a shower threatens
As I sway in the arms of trees
I'll invite these petals of peace
"Come, rain down upon me please."

Still waters as my mirror
I don't look quite the same
Watermarks across sweet hearts -
Sibyllic berry stains.

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