Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Small Pot Boils the Quickest

This past week was the week of dealing with difficult people.
Dealing with unprofessionalism.
Dealing with inefficiencies.
Dealing with those who like to push their shit off on others.
And at times, dealing with outright disrespect and rudeness.

I am reminded of the sticky notes I once had that said..."I meditate. I drink green tea. I do yoga. And I still wanna smack someone!"

I was watching something this morning and the message was that it is our CHOICE to receive or not the toxins someone else cares to spread around. It's our CHOICE to carry it. To take it on our person. To put it in our backpack, as my beloved would say.

Whew. Sure can be a challenge sometimes, eh? I mean, the first time or two in a week I can b-r-e-a-t-h-e away. The third and fourth time I am able to shake. The fifth and six times I can call on Amazing Grace (as in previous post). But, dayamn, sometimes I start to feel like one of those auto return baseball things. How many times can I "boing" before the net starts to lose it's ummph, yanno?

Still in my car. Still in my lane. Maybe not vrooming, but puttering at least.

Can someone direct me to the free refills please?

Addendum: check out the ACIM message today >>>>

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