Thursday, January 29, 2009

Live on the Edge

Had a grand time over the weekend shopping and tea-ing in Ellicott City. Highly recommend, if you have never been.....
So, my friend and I are in one of the many quaint shops where I'm oooohing and aaahing at every turn. Found some most enchanting little pocket stones and silver rings with sayings etched on them. Of course I'm digging through the basket trying different ones on, seeing which ones fit and "call to me." Of alllllllllll those cute little rings the one that kept bubbling to the top was the one that reads "Live on the Edge." Figure that must be the one that has something to show me, pop it on my finger and have worn it ever since.
Funny thing is.....ever since I've been wearing this ring.....geeeeeeeeeez, have I been on edge! lol This week has been an upside-down, get stuck, doesn't work, blown out, scream-filled, tear-filled week. Thinking - did I bring some bad luck to myself or something ? (no, I don't really believe that but admit it, sometimes ya gotta wonder).
So I look up the actual meaning of the phrase and here's just one of the many takes I stumble into:
"your edge" =
the place where you feel stretched to be more, do more and believe in your personal and professional aspirations.
I like.
Think I'll try my new Edge on for size today.
(yeah, and probably pop in some Aerosmith for the commute)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Who's That Girl?

Dug this out at the request of a new friend.....

Beneath a honeysuckle blanket
Whitewash calls fingertips
Invoking dewdrop shivers
And trembles to my lips

No looking back any longer
My pinfeather kindred await
Never again to whisper
Beyond this mortal gate

Bottoms-up from trees
Swinging spider, a skinned knee
Suckling berries, sips from streams
In the Queendom of Dance Free!

Purple petal coverlets
Lay me down in cloud grass
The arabesque of angels
Atop ponds of stained glass

Jete in moonlit waves
Fae limbs upon white sands
Shrieks and songs of laughter
On shores of unknown lands

And if a shower threatens
As I sway in the arms of trees
I'll invite these petals of peace
"Come, rain down upon me please."

Still waters as my mirror
I don't look quite the same
Watermarks across sweet hearts -
Sibyllic berry stains.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Small Pot Boils the Quickest

This past week was the week of dealing with difficult people.
Dealing with unprofessionalism.
Dealing with inefficiencies.
Dealing with those who like to push their shit off on others.
And at times, dealing with outright disrespect and rudeness.

I am reminded of the sticky notes I once had that said..."I meditate. I drink green tea. I do yoga. And I still wanna smack someone!"

I was watching something this morning and the message was that it is our CHOICE to receive or not the toxins someone else cares to spread around. It's our CHOICE to carry it. To take it on our person. To put it in our backpack, as my beloved would say.

Whew. Sure can be a challenge sometimes, eh? I mean, the first time or two in a week I can b-r-e-a-t-h-e away. The third and fourth time I am able to shake. The fifth and six times I can call on Amazing Grace (as in previous post). But, dayamn, sometimes I start to feel like one of those auto return baseball things. How many times can I "boing" before the net starts to lose it's ummph, yanno?

Still in my car. Still in my lane. Maybe not vrooming, but puttering at least.

Can someone direct me to the free refills please?

Addendum: check out the ACIM message today >>>>

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Amazing Grace

is that little voice inside me that tells me NOT to respond to someone/thing before I am in a good frame of mind to do so, yanno? Amazing Grace tends to save my ass alot! How about you - do you have a Grace?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


At dawn in its unfurling
In my soul I felt the burning
Said goodbye to yesterday
Has One become the luxury
The one we drop so easily
Because we just can't pay?

The moon as an illusion
Lost symbol of our fusion
Appearing in the haze
The road is always winding
Driving, thinking, crying
"Can we just cut through the maze?"

My mind is full of questions
Hung on promises and lessons
Spilled answers veiled in lies
Can we change the All we wanted
When the circle grows more daunted
And pushes us outside?

There just is no expression
When within our own confession
The Self gets left behind
To craft the perfect picture
Does the palette hold a tincture
With that tonic drop inside?

Our lust for life is treading
Not knowing where we're heading
The love we had in tow
If I could read the presages
The bits-and-pieces messages
Would I understand the flow?

If Ever You Should Wonder

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moonshine Baptismal

And on the night of the full moon

she enveloped her entire Self in a seaside cradle.

Crashing wave lullabies and seafoam arpeggio played the rhythm -

Her heartbeat the lead.

Beneath an indigo blanket of stars

And an illuminated night rainbow

She was baptized

Annointed in moonshine.

Today's ACIM

Is so weird.
And good.
And bad.

"My thoughts do not mean anything."

I like this part: " might imagine that you are watching an oddly assorted procession going by, which has little if any personal meaning to you." Kinda similar to using the Witness to observe yourself in a play, me thinks. I like that. Thoughts just marchin on by while I'm eatin popcorn :) With Old Bay and butter on it! Yep. There is a fluffy floor cushion available next to me if anyone would care to join me :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

May I Have This Dance?

Today I Am...........

Hyper-keenly aware of life and death.
That is all.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Shapeshifter Friend

They say you stole the sun.
This is inexact.
You hid the light in darkness
where the light-killers could not find it
so the sun could shine brighter than before.

They say you are black
because you are evil and unkind.
They do not say you swallowed
your own shadow and mastered it
at the price of wearing its colors. (aye, the courage)

Shivering, they call you death-knell,
Death-eater, bad omen, flying banshee
because you feed on death that feeds on men.
You strip what rots from what remains.
You give us the purity of the bones.

Trickster, they call you.
Oh yes, you'll do your wickedest
to ensure our way is never routine
and we are forced to improvise and transform.
You won't let us swap our souls for a plan. (love this!)

At least they don't accuse you
of minor crimes.
I praise and claim your gifts
of putting on darkness to come and go safely
in the darkest places, joking with Death.

~Robert Moss~

Thanks to Robin for thinking of me :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Leap of Faith

Standing before a fork
in the road
there is not a right answer

or truth cast in stone, there are
choices and plans and desire,

there is the heart of fire and
twist of fate,
there is unveiling

of who you are and who you
are becoming.

This I have found after
bargaining with my hopes

and my destiny. There is only
a still quiet voice within

that tells me trust what you
know and then surrender,

leap if you must, let your wings
unfurl, let your angels play catch.

We drink dreams from a
sliver of moon.

~Wendy L. Brown~