Sunday, January 11, 2009


At dawn in its unfurling
In my soul I felt the burning
Said goodbye to yesterday
Has One become the luxury
The one we drop so easily
Because we just can't pay?

The moon as an illusion
Lost symbol of our fusion
Appearing in the haze
The road is always winding
Driving, thinking, crying
"Can we just cut through the maze?"

My mind is full of questions
Hung on promises and lessons
Spilled answers veiled in lies
Can we change the All we wanted
When the circle grows more daunted
And pushes us outside?

There just is no expression
When within our own confession
The Self gets left behind
To craft the perfect picture
Does the palette hold a tincture
With that tonic drop inside?

Our lust for life is treading
Not knowing where we're heading
The love we had in tow
If I could read the presages
The bits-and-pieces messages
Would I understand the flow?

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