Thursday, January 29, 2009

Live on the Edge

Had a grand time over the weekend shopping and tea-ing in Ellicott City. Highly recommend, if you have never been.....
So, my friend and I are in one of the many quaint shops where I'm oooohing and aaahing at every turn. Found some most enchanting little pocket stones and silver rings with sayings etched on them. Of course I'm digging through the basket trying different ones on, seeing which ones fit and "call to me." Of alllllllllll those cute little rings the one that kept bubbling to the top was the one that reads "Live on the Edge." Figure that must be the one that has something to show me, pop it on my finger and have worn it ever since.
Funny thing is.....ever since I've been wearing this ring.....geeeeeeeeeez, have I been on edge! lol This week has been an upside-down, get stuck, doesn't work, blown out, scream-filled, tear-filled week. Thinking - did I bring some bad luck to myself or something ? (no, I don't really believe that but admit it, sometimes ya gotta wonder).
So I look up the actual meaning of the phrase and here's just one of the many takes I stumble into:
"your edge" =
the place where you feel stretched to be more, do more and believe in your personal and professional aspirations.
I like.
Think I'll try my new Edge on for size today.
(yeah, and probably pop in some Aerosmith for the commute)

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JoyZAChoice said...

AWESOME!!!!! I love this, Tina. LOVE it! Bravisimo (for listening to your Whispers!)