Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holy Daze

There's a very cool guy who works at one of the locations I do.
I wish I had more info on him so I could pass along.
But I know he's very wise and intuitive and talented.
That much I know.
He's a Tai Chi Master and his name is "Dr. Tim"......
So, when I saw him last I asked if he was ready for the New Year.
We've all been talking about it, eh?
How BAD this year has been and how we're damn good and ready for 2009.....
I KNOW I am.

But, leave it to Dr. Tim....
His response was, "I'm ready for 2009 but this year isn't over yet so I'm gonna live it while it's here."
I love that.
I just love that.
And it's soooooo Dr. Tim-ish.
Yeah, I'm gonna live today while it's here.
Thanks, Dr. Tim :)

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