Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Deliciously Imperfect and, by Me

Once upon a siddhi

In another mind

You and I were floating

Floating free, soulshine

Released from all the searching

In another time

Seascapes born of yearning

Into another kind

Shimmering beads descending

Pouring backward from the world

Inverted membrane prisms

Our souls, as they unfurl

Soulshine showers

Sunshine blues

They’re missing all the bubbles

With their imaginary truths

Clinging to the nothing

Right within their hands

We slip through the netting

Weaved of their demands

Whirring, murmuring,

Pins-and-needle-grass blades

Inside, the pearls,

Sweet soulshine, the rain

Waft once more gently

Pour into me

Saturate my soul

And One soulshine we will be

Happy New Year, peeps! *She smiles*

1 comment:

nici said...

This is beauty-ful, and made my heart clutch. You have such a gift.
Happy New Year, sister-friend. xoxoxox