Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The "Health" Category

A bit out of sorts with my laptop scorched.
Couldn't find my own blog.
So I went to my friend's website to see if my link was on there.
No link to my blog but there was a link to my website.
Her links are categorized.
My website is listed under the "Health" category.
How cool is that?!
I dig that.
I'm helping people be healthy.
And other people actually see that and think that?!
Thanks, Universe.


terri said...

it never even occurred to me to link blogs!!! sometimes i'm too scattered for my own good.....
think it's time.
i'm gonna add a whole blog section!
thanks for the thought.....


McBee said...

This goes along with the universe's policy of truth in advertising.
There are a lot of people (and a few domestic animals) who can attest to it.
Me among them.
You have definitely helped me be healthy.er
I going to have to side with the universe on this one.