Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life is Tough All Over

Old cliche but oh so true. The kinda cliche that pretty much implies, "stop your whining" and often follows a Universal kick in the ass.
It's funny actually........I remember sometime last week this thought just zooming into my mind and then zooming right out......something's feeling a little too "comfortable" here. In other words, "Hey you! This is the Big Universe talking and I'm telling you to pay attention cuz I'm getting ready to shake this joint up!"
(*Sidebar-due to the timing of this it may appear that I am referring to politics but I am certainly not.....)
As much as I like to think I roll with the ebb and flow, I guess I am just as resistant to change as anyone else. The thought that comes to mind is that I have worked so hard to get things to be XYZ way and just when I feel like I'm almost there the Universal blender flys in for a visit. Damn, that makes me mad. Damn Damn Damn!
I guess this is where walking the walk comes in. Yep, I'm a big fat whiny baby and life is tough all over!

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