Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Enchanted (Cont'd.) a.k.a. Turns Disenchanted

Not many things piss me off.
Do many things piss you off?

(Reminds me of a Chris Caffery song for those fellow fans out there).

I used to be a huge Oprah fan. I guess I'm still a big Oprah fan, just no longer huge. She's done and said some things of late that have chipped away at my respect level for her but, hey, ya can't please everyone all the time so I'll let her slide :)
I caught bits and pieces of her show the other day outta the ear that's in the back of my head.....
Seems she had some guy on there who wrote a book about what women can do to keep their husband happy so he doesn't run off and have an affair. (Feel free to correct me if you saw the whole show and I totally misunderstood the entire thing----in fact, I kinda hope somebody DOES tell me I misunderstood it).
I didn't have time to actually sit down and devote to watching this show. But, would I have wanted to?
I kept thinking I couldn't be hearing what I was hearing. And, on Oprah?
But no, I DID hear it.
And there were women on there giving other women advice?
And this guy is some doctor or well-renowned, highly-educated something something, at the least?
WHAT in the world?

OK, something like that just PISSES ME OFF.
Let me ask you - have you ever seen a book about what a man can do to keep HIMSELF happy and to keep HIMSELF from having an affair?
Does the responsibility for a man's appropriate behavior lie in his wife's lap?
Sounds more like a mother role to me.
Also sounds one sided and like alot of work.

Admittedly, I am no expert in relationships.



McBee said...

The old obfuscation of responsibility ploy. Like the abuser crying to the woman with the black eye, "Why did you make me hit you?"
This sounds very 1950's-ish.

T said...

McBee ~
Thank you so much for leaving this comment. I wanted to hear what YOU had to say about it, in particular. I almost ended it with...."What say ye, McBee?" but didn't want to pressure you :) Why don't you jack this idiot up and show him how it's done ;)

terri said...

i loved this post!
i am in total agreement!
and kinda surprised at ms. oprah!
i think it's something we all should remember.....everything we need is within us.
awesome post, lady!

JoyZAChoice said...

OHHHHHHHHHH. we sure do have that kindred thang goin' on, don't we? I'm sitting here giggling at this one..because I, too, used to be a huge fan (of Oprah's)and now...not even a fan at all. I'm not saying she doesn't do good things for lots of people, because she does. But I'm not so sure about her beliefs any longer. And this little piece is proof of what I mean. Thanks for sharing..and for your stunning works. It's small wonder Terri could "see" us being friends. Very kindred indeed. Hugs, Tina.

T said...

I had forgotten to come back here and leave an update (and not sure if any of you will know that I am but...)
Apparently O's inbox or discussion boards or whatever were flooded with people feeling the same way as I/we do. Therefore, she had the same guy on again just a few days or maybe a week later, I think to "defend" him-poor-self. He looked like he was sitting on a tack IMHO.